January 28, 2009

Das Kapitalistisch Venture

Guten tag!

Because we are now trying to fund a record, we are now selling our own merchandise. To the right you will see two little buttons that say "add to cart." Think of these buttons as a gateway to happiness, especially if your happiness is dependent on a) owning your very own DANGERS paraphernalia and/or b) putting money in our dismally ragtag wallets. Up on the auction block are: a) our full-length record "Anger" in compact disc format and b) our (stereotypical) repeat logo t-shirt. Purchase at your own risk and be patient. Your stuff will get to you as soon as we have a moment to visit the post office.

Also, another show to tell you about:

Saturday February 7
@ 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA
w/ Graf Orlock, Lewd Acts, Acts of Sedition, and Millions of Dead Comps

We'll have new shirts there for you to purchase.

Also, we'll be playing at this year's Rain Festival in Tacoma, WA on May 22/23 ish.

Also, Justin plays guitar for us now.
Also, keep emailing us if you want us to play your city!
We are going to do some sick touring after the new record comes out.
Speaking of which, we have begun recording.
Here are some new song titles:

Cure For Cancer
Cure For AIDS
Tarantula Type
Bottom of the 9th Ward

Listen(ed) to the new Trap Them record!