May 11, 2009

Total Chaos

So, the show in Santa Cruz has been canceled. Turns out Cafe Pergolesi was into aiding the federales in the AETA cases. Lameski. None of the bands involved thought it was good and right to play at that venue given those circumstances. Instead, we have lined up the following show in Fresno, CA:

Saturday May 16 @ the CYC
w/ Lewd Acts, Graf Orlock (record release!), and TOTAL CHAOS.
901 F Street
Fresno, CA 93706

"Patriotic Shock" used to be on heavy rotation in my bedroom in 8th grade and I can't say I'm anything less than very over-the-top excited to be playing a show with them. Don't think they'll give two shits about our little bands invading their show, but I'll be up front railing against Nazis nonetheless.

Also playing this show, so don't forget:

Friday May 15 @ The Che Cafe in San Diego
w/ Lewd Acts and Graf Orlock (record release!)

We are halfway done with recording. "Under the Affluence" sounds pretty good. "God vs. Godmother" is coming along. Still need to get the intro to "Bottom of the 9th Ward" down. I've made some crappy video footage of the shenanigans and might post that stuff soon.

Reno was radsick. Thank you very much to Megan, Roxy, and Suzie. And DCOI. No thanks to the snow.

Berkeley was dopesick. Thank you to Devon and Conquest For Death.

Fascinated by these homes.

Dr. Bronner's for life,