March 29, 2009

Cocaine Tacos in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas show now has a home at a venue/taqueria that calls itself Yayo Tacos. A full-blown report will follow our visit. Get it? Until then, here is the wonderful flier as imagined by the show's tireless curator, Tracy Lopez:

As you can see, our cohorts in Ghostlimb will be sacrificing their phalangal epidermis as well. Those other bands remain a mystery to me for now, but the names invoke a midnight ravage of sorts that sounds enticing.

Please keep in mind the upcoming Santa Cruz show and the upcoming 924 Gilman show we will be playing. Further live performances will accompany cities such as San Francisco, Reno, and Sacramento with some luck. We'll be posting some recording updates soon as well.

This was the feeling we were having but weren't diligent enough to keep tabs on. You can't expect too much from a man with so many large backs to scratch.

With all due respect,

March 25, 2009

Greek Seal Education

Everyone's favorite time of the year! The Canadian seal-hunt season has now been open two full days. For those of you who have had your omnivorous heads in the clouds for the past few decades, maybe thoughts of a cute baby seal getting clubbed on the ice will prove a useful image! Probably not! In other news, Greek government wants to both give police the power to arrest demonstrators for wearing masks and is considering an end on the ban of police entering university campuses. Good on ya Greece! Lastly, anyone have thoughts on Denis Rancourt? Dismissal will be heard by the University of Ottowa B of G in a week. Weak.

Be well,


March 23, 2009

Of Banana Slugs and Women

We are also playing a show in Santa Cruz now. It is on April 10. There are other bands like Ghostlimb and 7 Generations and Judas and Braveyoung (formerly known as Giant) playing. Here is a proper advertisement that some skillful gentleman made with a ram's skull on it:

My half-brother attended U.C. Santa Cruz. Which you can decode as you see fit. And in other Santa-Cruz-related events, maybe I should take a moment to talk about the last time we played there. I'm not sure the name of the place, but the boys from Fischer hooked up a house show and it was a lively and entertaining affair. I remember most a lady of nearly 30 exactly 23 years that kept rocking out front and center, her (rather bountiful) bosom plowing into me with reckless abandon. I made numerous and violent attempts to steer very clear of her heft to no avail. I bring this up only in relation to the idea of "Santa Cruz" and the images it conjures up in my head, and also to briefly allow us all a moment to reflect on howfor/whyso it is that such an instant stands out so vividly in my mind. Which is mostly because of how rare it is for a lady to be anywhere near our jam sesh's. I.e. never. Some wallflowers, a few claws at our backs, but that's it. I watched VH1 Classic Albums: Nirvana's "Nevermind" on Youtube the other day with Sven and at some point (4:17 of this clip) some prescient half-wit talks about how "everybody" knew Nirvana was going to make it big because girls would always dance (dance?!) at their early gigs. So then, clearly a high cleavage-to-performance ratio yields fame, fortune, and everything that goes. Endpoint being: our band is doomed. Save for the glory of this one punktress lady with her chest all hither and thither, ours is a rockstar life built on the backs of pubescing boys.

Alas, no heroin money for us.

Also, we are looking for (good) (visual) artists. This includes but is not limited to: drawers, painters, fabrics majors, photographers, and transcendent athletes. If you fall within that empire, gladly send us a communiqué via our e-mail ( and maybe we can "work together."

Hope you like the new feel of the website.
Thinking about moving to Mexico City.
In the meantime, I'll see you here very soon!


March 10, 2009

house partying part deux

Dear Santa Clarita (if that's your real name),

On behalf of the three other boy-men in this group of banshees, I would like to extend our humble gratitude vis-a-vis your treatment and warm reception of our ragtag operation this past Friday, March the 6th. Truth be told, we expected some amount of good spirits, but nothing near the great din you all created within the cozy confines of that Bradys-esque homestead and its adequately powered garage. Many good cheers to you all! Some slight no-thank-you-ing to the tall Latino sir that unkindly pummeled the drum kit thricely during our grooving. Wherefore went your brain organ, sir? Those skins come at a heavy price! Beware of a repeat attempt, young man!

Charged was sweet. And what vibrations I heard through the wall of Cathedrals and DeadHead were vicious.

Oh, and if you bought a shirt or something from us: thank you. And if you took a shirt without paying, try to at least give us back the cost of making the shirts ($4.50).

That being said, here is some evidence of our existence via Alvin via who, we all agree, is fully capable of operating a digital camera and its many components:

In other house show news, we will be playing in Las Vegas on April 11. No details just yet, but check back and we'll have that for you.

The new Propagandhi record comes out tomorrow. Get that. Read: these.

Another reminder about: Vitriol Records who will be putting out records by Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, and us.

Is it okay to get married in a country where not everyone can marry the person they want to marry?

Bachelorhood as a form of protest!


March 2, 2009

House Party

We will be playing a free show in the musty confines of a Saugus garage on Friday March 6. We are most comfortable in musty confines, especially those of the garage variety, so all cylinders should be pumping in top form. Also, it's one of the last shows for Charged, so that should be of interest. Saugus, for those of you not in the know, is very near Six Flags Magic Mountain, to which I would like to offer my very serious and hard-to-come-by commendation. X2, Tatsu, and Goliath are all works of artistic genius. It is one of very few sources of legitimate joy that my father and I have ever had the opportunity to share.

Here is the flyer:

Also, by way of evidence:

See you Friday. We'll have shirts and reckless body movements for your consideration.

Also, Vitriol Records is our new and self-made home.

Bon nuit,