June 1, 2011


Hi. We should have posted this long ago. This is no longer our website! Our new website can be found at: http://www.wearedangers.com or http://wearedangers.wordpress.com/ so you should look there for our updates. We are going to tour Europe this 2011 summer. See you there.


March 23, 2010

go to these:

we will be playing.
new merch.
pissing people off with poorly thought out minidiatribes.
recording a set for the radio.
last chance for some LA rocking before we tumble into the pacific.
sorry about the messy show last week.

more yet to be sure of still.
al / dngrs

February 28, 2010

Record Release Show(s)

I'm not sure who made those fliers, but I'm very much so into them. In other news: we had practice today and fleshed out the new set. Probably going to annoy most of you. New shirts on the way. And also: those that lent their voice to the record vis a vis the Brautigan poem: I'll take care of you on the ASAP.

If you live in the Northwest and would be willing to drive us around from March 18 - March 21, please email us. This is not a joke. We may need shuttling. We would, of course, pay for all relevant expenses. Only real qualification is that you need to have a passport that is valid and functioning. Or one of those swell ID cards that makes the USA-Canada border porous. Email us if you want to get to know our band intimately and would like free dinners for a few days.

And, to add some gravitas to this summer's impending situation, I offer: Kicking It!

Circling pattern,

February 16, 2010

No Vonneguts, No Glory

PS: new website coming soon.
PPS: new t-shirts coming soon.
PPPS: your records should have arrived.
PPPPS: unless you forgot to buy one.
PPPPPS: in which case, go to the Vitriol Records webstore and buy one.


(Lest you judge by our record and song titles, that is, find yourself wondering if we ALL exclusively read looks-good-in-some-hipster's-back-pocket poser-fiction... be assured: a few of us read real books as well. It's just that the aforementioned Bal Frown gets to name things. Smooches. - The Rest of Dangers)

February 3, 2010

Get Messy For Free!

Hey Dickheads!

As stated, we've got the new record in hands and first press is going somewhat quickly, so don't sleep if you'd like this pressing; head over to Vitriol and point-click that puppy.

Also, we've got shows coming up in support of this here release... more details to come, but basically it's the following dates with a combination of Sabertooth Zombie, Drowning w/ our Anchors, Owen Hart, and Power.

March 12th: 924 Gilman - Berkeley, CA (w/ Sabertooth Zombie, Drowning w/ our Anchors, Owen Hart, and Power)
March 13th: Fresno, CA
March 14th: Los Angeles, CA
March 18th: Victoria, BC
March 19th: Vancouver, BC
March 20th: Seattle, WA
March 21st: Tiki House
March 25th: The Smell - Los Angeles (w/ Narrows)
Mayish: Rainfest & c.
June/Julyish: Australia

Lastly: We understand and are flattered that people would seek out and download our music on the internet. We'd like to put out some music in the future (maybe without a four-year hiatus), so obviously a bit of support would be appreciated (grab the record or a shirt or send us a friendly email).

OR: take your five, ten, or fifteen bucks and do more with it than we could. Suggestions: www.zmag.org, www.vegfamcharity.org.uk, www.veganoutreach.com, www.anarchist-studies.org, & c! Email us a screenshot of how much you donated, who you donated to, and then brag about it in the comments and we'll send the person with the largest donation a free record + CD of "Messy Isn't It", a CD of "Anger", and some other shit in your size. I, Tim Shiteater, reserve the right to end this contest when I want, so don't complain, and get busy.

For real: take a look at ZNet either way, they (among others) could use some help right now, and you can become a sustainer with all sorts of access and benefits for around 10 bucks a month. Look yonder, genitalia.

- Tim