September 30, 2009

Live, Fast, (verbal) Diarrhea

With all due luck, the Dodge Ram Van currently known as the S.S. Higgenbotham will become a workhorse once again next week and will successfully shuttle our sleep-deprived collective to the following shows:

There is also a show on December 4th at the Nomad Cafe in Los Angeles with the likes of Drowning With Our Anchors, Ghostlimb, Maladie, and Acts of Sedition.

Thank you to everyone that came out to last weekend's shows with Robotosaurus. Way siq.

Why didn't you kill yourself today?

September 21, 2009

Rough Mixtures


We come bearing gifts. Three, in fact. We've posted three songs off of Messy, Isn't It? which will be zooming into existence sometime after you have already lost all desire to hear it. You can find them on our new BandCamp website. Also, you can find them on the right of this page with the rest of our songs (all of which are available for free download). Also, why don't I just put them here:

I'm in the red
I've got the blues
I'm token black
An early greying fool

I need an orange
I need a lime
I need a last name
That don't feel like such a crime

I feel 16
I feel 60
I feel 9 to 5

So sick of rent checks
So sick of life vests
So sick of 5 foot 9

Once was lost
Now am drowned.

How low can we go?
Fuck the Beatles, I'm an animal
An upright ape with opposable thumbs
To hold the clubs
To hold the guns
Swing low sweet chariot
God bless my DNA
Drunk drive my Chevy to the levee
Let the flood come and sweep me away

No this ain't the apocalypse
It's the way shit has always been
From Sodom to Saddam
Attila to Tienenmen
A quarter million years of human being
A quarter million years as a human stain
We use ten percent of our gorgeous brains
And leave the rest up to cocaine

Lucy in the sky
Got her hands on a new shotgun
Lucy in the sky
Got her hands on a Remington
Lucy in the sky
Her shiny diamonds drenched in blood

And I know where the wild things are
Don't look far
Don't look far
'Cause I got wisdom in my teeth
And terror in my wars
Yes, I know where the wild things are
Don't look far.
Don't look far.

There's a reason that it's hard to look in the mirror.
There's a reason that it's hard to go to the zoo
And there's a reason you want to pry open the cage
See, you should be there, too.

A kiss is a kiss is a kiss
Regardless of joseph smith
And what i wouldn't give to love a woman like she does
A kiss is a kiss is a kiss is a kiss
On the lips
Or on the lips

We will be playing these songs this weekend at two shows we have in the Bay Area. Here is a flyer for one of those shows:

The other show will be at Harjit's house in the East Bay. That will be on Sunday, September 27th. The address is: 2844 Union Street, Oakland, CA 94608. We'll be playing with Robotosaurus from Australia and they have a song that sounds like The Jesus Lizard, so be excited for that.

Also, some shows coming up in future to be aware of. October 4 - 6 we'll be playing shows with Soul Control up and down the CA coast. October 10th we'll be playing in Inglewood, CA with Comadre, Calculator, and Color Chromatic. In November we'll be playing a show near Lynwood to help a new community art center get up and running. December 4th we'll be playing at the Nomad Cafe with Drowning With Our Anchors, Acts of Sedition, Maladie and one of the Justin Smith Ensembles. Other shows to be announced shortly.

Keep asking us to come to Australia, please! And Canada. And the East Coast. And Europe. Thank you!

Comadre is doing a new mixtape. We'll be on it. Go here for news on that.

Thank you to everyone that sent in a reading of the poem. You will be handsomely and sartorially thanked in the future days.

Enjoy the rough mixtures, but be kind; final mix awaits our ears and the artwork is being finagled into existence as we speaketh.

Give me Eggleston, or give me death,