February 28, 2010

Record Release Show(s)

I'm not sure who made those fliers, but I'm very much so into them. In other news: we had practice today and fleshed out the new set. Probably going to annoy most of you. New shirts on the way. And also: those that lent their voice to the record vis a vis the Brautigan poem: I'll take care of you on the ASAP.

If you live in the Northwest and would be willing to drive us around from March 18 - March 21, please email us. This is not a joke. We may need shuttling. We would, of course, pay for all relevant expenses. Only real qualification is that you need to have a passport that is valid and functioning. Or one of those swell ID cards that makes the USA-Canada border porous. Email us if you want to get to know our band intimately and would like free dinners for a few days.

And, to add some gravitas to this summer's impending situation, I offer: Kicking It!

Circling pattern,


Eric said...
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Eric said...
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Jason Wexler said...

is the record release just on the 14th or is it the entire weekend? 12th-14th?

DANGERS said...

i mean.
we're playing roughly the same set.
the record will be available.
plus new shirts.
that's the idea.
come to them all!


Jason Wexler said...

oh I gotcha, and I might just do that!

jsc said...

hey let's do another interview but this time with a recorder.

Tabak said...

well im leaving town on the 19th, but you guys are welcome to stay with me in Portland. ive got a couch, recliner, and a floor. i may be able to stay til the 20th or so. tell Alex to get my number from clark and give me a call and ill see what i can help you guys with.

-Josh Tabak

email me at jtabak@pdx.edu if you need to know something sooner.


i look forward to whatever Al has in store the voice recordees.

オテモヤン said...


Unknown said...

^ the best comment i've ever seen

Megan said...

You know, I have one major problems with all these shows: none of them are anywhere near me!
Get your asses into Canada!

Anonymous said...


flier for claremont show

Jill said...

Guys doing the East Coast anytime soon?

drjewitsu said...

Did anybody take pictures at the Gilman? Like to check them out if possible

Unknown said...

fucking cops came to project infest, the smell next!

Ramez Silyan said...

so stoked for the smell.
pretty sure were playin!

LHP said...

the set at mcworld was sick! cant wait to catch you guys again at the smell.
and thanks for the tersanjung 13/inquiry last scenery tape! shit was sick :)

Ramez Silyan said...



Anonymous said...

yo, man, wheres muh freen shit

Unknown said...

Yea dude where's anonymous's stuff?
Anyway, I think it would be pretty neat if you pulled more weight on getting photos out there to the shows we went to, means a lot to be there and to have a photo to show someone later is pretty up there in my book.