June 4, 2008

DANGERS @ Rainfest 2008


We recently played a very wonderful show up in Tacoma at this year's Rainfest. We had not played in quite a long time and we were all interested in how it would go. From our standpoint, everything far exceeded our expectations. Thank you to all of you that came out to support us. We appreciate your enthusiasm very much. There were a lot of new faces and a lot of old ones, but all of them ugly as all hell. We were impressed by Black Breath and Skin Like Iron. Thank you to them for playing. Thank you also to Weltner, Mioli, and Skiffington for inviting us to play.

Below you can see the entire set. It's not the best quality video, but we're waiting for Google to finish processing the better version. In the meantime:

Also: we'll have merch up here soon.
Also: stop breeding!



Lauren said...

A little off topic, but is the Barthelme liking legitimate? If so, I'm trying to find one of his collections, and would appreciate some opposite-coast help :)

Also, play DC sometime soon! Please.

DANGERS said...

hi lauren...

the barthelme thing is very legitimate. he is my favorite contemporary writer. email us and we can figure out where to get a great book.

do you read gary lutz?

al / dangers

Noa said...

hey! i just noticed that you're on all systems go. and since you're on a swedish booking agency... are you gonna be coming to europe at all?
saw you guys in vancouver about a year ago on the In Stride reunion show. awesome set!
take care!
hope to see you around soon(in sweden heh)!

Jay Eff Tee said...

Hi, I just read the comment above, if you do play europe will you be heading to the UK?

em said...

Great to see your show again! Even online!

Sydney said...

One of the best sets I've ever seen. Thankyou.

donovan said...

saw you guys in new orleans and baton rouge (both were awesome) and got to hang out with you a bit after the new orleans show. when are you all coming to the northeast? i know al said he wasnt too keen on boston (where i go to school), but id take a train or bus somewhere to see you guys play again.

anyway, cant wait for the new record. anger is one of my favorites.

branmuffin said...

Al-Sorry I can't be your roadie - the kids! the kids! the kids! - thanks for asking. My fav song off the last album is "we have more sense than lies."
Also, you stole my Roshamborisyeltsinyourmouth from the Christmas game!
LOVE you love b