August 27, 2008

Saved By The Buoyancy Of Citrus

Here, then, a quick video of a small snip of our show a few weeks ago at 924 Gilman Street. There's two songs you will see: "Saved By The Buoyancy Of Citrus" and "My Wonder Years Never Got Canceled". The former will be on the new record. The latter is (in part) about my grandfather dying abruptly and having a vast collection of Girls Gone Wild to show for it. Here is the sweet video:

In other news, are playing two shows very soon:
  • September 19 @ 924 Gilman w/ Graf Orlock, Sabertooth Zombie, and the Cranberries
  • September 20 @ Kinda Like A Fest w/ Comadre, Graf Orlock, Zann, Punch, and Blind Melon
Here is a flier for the show:

Other news to follow.
Messy, isn't it?



joel brown said...

hey dangers.

word up from paris, france. i'm a canuck cook who likes his hard music and:

first off, i gotta say your anger album is like...the best thing since sliced bread for me at the moment. my wonder years never got canceled is my walking to school song. my buddy alex from van city (plays in this band bodyguard) got me into you guys and i just can't get enough.

there's really something to be said about walking through a really historic city like this blaring abrasive fuck your parents dead hardcore and death metal. let's say a little guy like me wanted to buy your merch and new record? how would i go about that? i'd love a shirt and patches whatever if you've got some.

anger's a tough fuckin record. thank you boys for makin it! hope the new record comes out soon!



Jon said...

What was the band playing before you guys on the 19th at Gilman? The one with the high pitched singer and the song about him not drinking and being places where people were drinking?

Tempest said...

"blind melon"?

"the cranberries"?

You better get your priorities straight. And watch out for that crowd you're running around with... don't think I haven't noticed!