December 2, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemon Groves


Much more to say than will be said here. This one will be for efficiency's sake. To the point, DANGERS is being added to this show:

Saturday December 6th
@ Kings City Music
3592 Main Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
6pm sharp / $5

We aren't on that flyer, but we are playing!!! Come hang out. Buy some sweet longsleeves. Lament the inefficiency of human beings with us.

Oh yeah, fuck these guys.
And that photo in the flyer comes from: Diane Arbus



peaches said...

For fucks sake, thanks for updating this blog! I need two tshirts, previously picked out by you and I. I will not be at the show as you know, but drop the shirts off, say hi, have some silly early Christmas cocoa, and pick up the shirt you left here!
Sad face, I can't go to the show and feel my middle age mommy angst all caged up inside while you release all your anger on the mic!
love b

Eric said...

fuck YA! I was debating going to that show. now I am for sure going, see ya there!

alvin. said...

What time do you think you guys are going to play?

I might be running late to the show and you're the band I really want to see.

DANGERS said...
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DANGERS said...

dude running the show says we play last.
come on out!

al / dangers

the_Network said...

long over due but awesome times in vt...thanks for coming.

radbullzzz fo lifezzzz!