April 15, 2009


Back home. Very well-spent weekend. Santa Cruz. Benefit for AETA2 and AETA4. Loud music, merch on the floor, so many boys still these days. Saw Run With The Hunted finally. Stickers from Swampdonkey! Ate a jalepeno burger-type-thing at Saturn Cafe. Slept at Mandy/Adrian's house with Braveyoung and saw semi-nudes on the wall. Woke up, ate a delicious sandwich from Nob Hill Grocery, drove, saw where James Dean died, drove more, was depressed by Barstow, had to tinker with the van's starter there, kept driving, arrived at Yayo's Tacos. Met Tracy and Alex, ate delicious tofu tacos, helped moved some tables and chairs, set up merch. Watched bands, got nose upset with foot-stench of lead singer. Played music. Wondered if kids there could do anything positive to change things, doubted, hoped. Loaded van, tried to start it, bemoaned the fully-fucked starter. Drove around with Alex to buy new starter parts. Stayed well out of the way while Justin, Adam, and Tim fixed the car. Experienced The Raft while the fixing was occurring. Enjoyed the great earthangel-ness of Miguel, the Yayo's Taco employee that was the man who was really responsible for getting the van fixed. Started the van. Drove awhile. Got tired. Let Tim drive the rest of the way. Went to bed in the early morning.

Thank you to those that helped, appreciated, questioned.

More live appearances in the works. Including new shows in San Diego and Reno! Those listed below to the right. A flyer, too:

Drums begin tracking on Friday. Finally.



Anonymous said...

Nice read Al. I was going to put up a thank you to Yayo's top employee on Vitriol's site as well, but got sidetracked. He deserves to be mentioned but his name was Miguel :) Hope you're doing well buddy!


alex said...

you guys are welcome to come back anytime! next time we should have a place for you to sleep (if necessary).

hugs from vegas.


Anonymous said...

this is not a full blown report!f

Anonymous said...

i know this is totally irrelevant to this post, but my boyfriend really loves you guys and i'm trying to look for anger on vinyl for him for his birthday. it's may ninth, and he has a pretty cool record collection and i know he'd love to have it on vinyl.

if you could help me out or point me in the right direction, i'd appreciate it.

you guys make amazing music and i love you. your lyrics speak to me like no other. thank you.

DANGERS said...

Gaydee (Katie?)...

As much as I'd love to get your hands on that record, I myself only have one copy and can't really help you out. Sometimes people have them for sale on this messageboard: www.b9board.com You can do a search for our name and it will come up in record lists sometimes.

Thank you for the kind words.
We appreciate it.
We hope the new record makes you like life a bit more when it comes out.

al / dangers

Anonymous said...

yes, it's katie. thank you for actually getting that! most people think it's something weird.

thank you for your help, i found a couple but we'll see how much they turn out to be. i'm not so rich, myself.

i'm going to see you guys on the fifteenth at che with graf. so fucking excited.

and i can't wait for your new album. it will light up my life :D

tracetracetrace said...

i miss you all so much, come back (vegas) and I am crashing your couch (AL) soooooooooooon!!1!!1!3282944

Anonymous said...

al! good news! i found someone on the b9 board who said they had it, so i messaged them and i am now getting it for thirty bucks. this pleases me. thank you for all your help and taking the time to consider my want. i really appreciate it.

thanks again.

DANGERS said...

Tracy: You don't have to sleep on a couch! There is a guest bed in the living room.

Katie: If I could afford to pay you $15 to bring that LP price back into the stratosphere I would. Come introduce yourself at the Che. I'll be nice and then constantly forget that I met you for the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, he said make him an offer, and i thought he was going to want even more than thirty, so i just said thirty, and i can hardly afford it but it is a birthday gift, so i thought i'd go out on a limb.

i'll keep reminding you that you met me and we'll go from there.


unodostracy said...

I am moving out soon (may30th), I am expecting a house warming gift or gifts from you all! hahaha

WE MISS NEIL, he can visit us all the time
since he liked vegas so much.

where's your brodozer???

Jon Vinson said...

Put the location for the Reno show!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of shirts are you guys using for your merch?