August 31, 2009

Love Poem

Dear Fan of Our Derelict Music:

We are writing to inquire as to the possibility of you helping us with our new record, currently titled "Messy, Isn't It?" and slated for release sometime this decade. We are nearing the completion of the project (and, my, what a "project" it has been!) and stand at an impasse that you may, hopefully, be able to assist us with. The title of the record, as you probably are aware of, is lifted from the suicide note of a man named Richard Bruatigan. In an effort to both pay homage to this man and to increase the aural diversity of our little recording, we are going to include a reading of his poem "Love Poem" on our record. This, oddly enough, is where you come in!

We are asking you all to record yourselves reading this poem. After you record yourself reading this poem, save the file in .wav, .aiff, .mp3, or .mp4 format. After you have saved the file, send us the file at: so that we will be able to hear it! Remember to include your (real) name somewhere in the email so that we can accurately thank you in our luxurious liner notes. Next, sit back and wait for the record to come out so you can hear your beautiful voice!

If you would like to help, I'm sure we'll "get you back" in some fancy way.

Here is the poem, for those of you brave enough to undertake such tasks:

Love Poem
By Richard Brautigan

It's so nice
to wake up in the morning
all alone
and not have to tell somebody
you love them
when you don't love them
any more.

Here is a link to a pretty typewritten version that's been scanned into the internet.

By the way! Hurry! We need these things by this Friday or Saturday SUNDAY at the latest! Sometimes beggars can be demanders!

Thank you.


alvin said...
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alvin said...

Have a woman read it.

DANGERS said...

Down with sexism! Only, we don't know any women. So help us out! Find a nice old lady to do it and we'd love it!


Alfie said...

Tried one man but im too fucking British.

Also i ordered a shirt in small and you sent me a large, im pretty fuming about that

DANGERS said...


1) British is good! Send it over! (We're using multiple.)
2) Send us an email and we'll send you the right size free of charge. You can sell the one you have and maybe even make some money!
3) Did you order it from our site or Vitriol?


Eric said...

sent my crappy voice in earlier.

beyond stoked for the 25th

Lila said...

Alfie's too British and I'm too Polish :/ sorry guys :)!!
I love the poem - keep thinking how those words would sound with Richard Brautigan voice- because authors always reads their poetry with a mix of: deep concentartion and some kind of awkwardness...anyway cant wait for the results!

alvin said...

How about you have multiple voices read each line, men AND women?

Line one: Woman
Line two: Man


I think it would sound nice.

and take me on tour, I hate driving now=/

I'll document with my here camera.


Megan said...

you know me and I'm a woman..thanks.


calculator said...

anybody have a copy of Anger on vinyl??!!

will be sending my voice soon.


DANGERS said...

Seriously, none of you know any females (mothers, sisters, illegal alien household custodians) that will spend a few minutes in front of your idiot box?

In a related note: thank you for all the files! And the suggestions regarding how to arrange the voices.

Alvin: if/when we ever play a show, we'll snag you.

You now have until SUNDAY!


hi, i get to be included even if i am late, kbye

-tracy Lopezzzzz

trace said...

can i still do this? or is it too late? ;[

DANGERS said...


check your email.


Michelle said...

If I can still submit one I'll record one right now.

George said...

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