November 1, 2009

Shows at Hyde Park Half

Dear World,

Sometimes you get so busy chasing the horizon that you don't realize that horizon is already here. By which, I mean: Hyde Park Half. After years and years of wanting to get involved with a permanent solution to the dearth of venues here, I think the future may be closer than I had thought. Los Angeles is one of those places that continually shoots itself in the foot when it comes to DIY venues for music and other community events. The graveyard of one-great-venues has claws of adamantium and they come ripping fast and furious: The PCH, The SOS Project, Headline Records, The Ojai Women's Club, and on and on ad infinitum. Hyde Park Half seeks to be a sort of antidote to this problem.

The aim is to create a space that will showcase wonderful music a few times a month. The aim is also to create a space that will provide free tutoring and educational support for the Inglewood community. The aim is also to provide free artistic outlets for the Inglewood community. In all, Hyde Park Half seeks to tourniquet our constant lack of venues while also offering much needed community outreach to the city of Inglewood, where the venue is located.

If you wish to play a part in this new project, please email Hyde Park Half directly at or check the Hyde Park Half website. There will be a meeting this Sunday, November 8th that you should plan on attending.

Upcoming shows will feature Final Fight, Head High, Let Live, Tigon, Ghostlimb, Rogue State, Forming, Touche Amore, Colorchromatic, Drowning With Our Anchors, Maladie, Acts of Sedition, Graf Orlock, and us.

Here are some details of DANGERS' upcoming shows:

November 28 @ TBA in Visalia, CA w/ Comadre and a bunch of other bands.
December 5 @ a house in San Diego, CA w/ Lewd Acts and Graf Orlock
December 11 @ Hyde Park Half in Inglewood, CA w/ Maladie, Drowning With Our Anchors, Acts of Sedition, and Graf Orlock

In Australian news, please keep bothering us about coming. Down under is the new horizon.

In parting, lady to greatly admire (listen to the interview!),


Anonymous said...

Hyde Park Half sounds like a good idea. please come to Canada! also the "a great interview for you to listen to" link doesn't seem to work right now...

Robzillargh said...

Australia pls, I will follow your tour to every city

Anonymous said...

come to australia
come to australia
come to australia

justin said...

working on coming to australia, it is a bit of a flight, looks like something in the neighborhood of spring (Northern hemisphere spring, not your coriolis effect Australian spring)

Olhar De Vidro Records said...

letlive(one word)

Asher said...

And bother you, we shall. If you're in Australia and have any connections or info about venues or bands in your area, be sure to email Dangers.

Anonymous said...

don't forget about us suckers up in the great white north, or soon to be white north.

Stuart said...

please come to canada!

Michael McGrath said...

Just come to Halifax, Nova Scotia instead. We love you.

Anonymous said...

DONE !!!!!

with the interview

my head hurts

gracias chicos !

Anonymous said...

how about come to florida assholes