February 25, 2009

Notes from the sickbed

Here I am, SICK. Some sort of tonsil issue. Unfun.

Spent the day watching episodes of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" via Youtube and an S-Video cable we use here at my homestead to connect the computer to the television since we are without "cable" or "direct TV" or any of those notions.

Also spent the day sending out all existing orders made for shirts on this website. Let me say a continual and sincere "thank you" to all of you who have offered us your money over the past few weeks. Don't know if you've heard, but the economy isn't doing so well and it's spending like yours that is vital to making sure the wheels of recovery keep spinning. Obama would be proud!

We are going to continue to offer some goods to the right and will be adding a few more things shortly. Or "shortly." Keep checking for new supplies if the ubiquitous repeat logo shirt bores you to death or if you aren't very much interested in purchasing music we released two plus years ago.

To remedy that last situation, we are continuing our efforts in the studio. Recording is on a steady path to occurring in the coming weeks. We are all very excited. Sixteen songs have been loaded up on the slate for production and they are "doozies," if I do say so myself. It is a record influenced by such things as:

c) Propagandhi's new record!
d) Neko Case's new record!
f) so-called "execution tapes"
g) various ideas gleaned from 89.3 KPCC
h) this amazing article by Stephen Elliott
j) "purchasing" Van Ban at Fresh & Easy

I also watched Roman Polanski's "Chinatown" for the first time today. I feel confident in endorsing it. That is where the whole "How 'bout them apples?" line comes from. Didn't know that.

Here are some band-related goodies for you:

a) we have some pictures up now on a Flickr account. Enjoy.

b) new shows:
1) May 2 in Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman Street
2) May 22-24 in Tacoma, WA @ the Viaduct for Rainfest 2009.

c) here is an interview I did a year ago with KSPC's Troy Kokkinis. We should be doing a live set with him this spring!

Less sick now, but closer to death,


alvin said...

Release the album sooooooon, and I moved all Dangers pictures to:





Sorry for spamming.


Stephen Elliott said...

Are you really doing a song based on my essay? That's so cool.

Mallory said...

Are you guys going to include a Vancouver BC show while you're up in the northwest for Rain Fest?
Because you should!

Jon Vinson said...

If anyone in the world can go super saiyan, it's Al Brown.

shakehurst said...

Re: super saiyan: I agree!

Vancouver dates ASAP, my friend, would be amazing.

What's with this CAPTCHA telling me to type 'burzum'!?

jwex said...

I completely agree with Jon Vinson

Anonymous said...

record and then American tour? and then... Eurotour? I hope you don´t mind me expecting that :P

Anonymous said...

btw, you have a sweet squatterhouse to play in the northwest of Spain if someday you need help...

Long_Division said...

I got into the Lish class. I think everyone did, but I don't care. Can I borrow $2,800 bucks?

How cool is Stephen Elliott?