March 2, 2009

House Party

We will be playing a free show in the musty confines of a Saugus garage on Friday March 6. We are most comfortable in musty confines, especially those of the garage variety, so all cylinders should be pumping in top form. Also, it's one of the last shows for Charged, so that should be of interest. Saugus, for those of you not in the know, is very near Six Flags Magic Mountain, to which I would like to offer my very serious and hard-to-come-by commendation. X2, Tatsu, and Goliath are all works of artistic genius. It is one of very few sources of legitimate joy that my father and I have ever had the opportunity to share.

Here is the flyer:

Also, by way of evidence:

See you Friday. We'll have shirts and reckless body movements for your consideration.

Also, Vitriol Records is our new and self-made home.

Bon nuit,



alvin said...

I looked for directions, I got the same address in Valencia, is this correct?

DANGERS said...

should be accurate.
valencia / saugus = bloodbrothers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's all in the Santa Clarita Valley (Saugus, Canyon Country, Newhall, Valencia).

This is the funniest post ever. This show will be insane.

-John, Charged

Anonymous said...

Sidenote...Infest is from Saugus.

Tim said...

Hey Al, got my shirt today, thanks for the note. Much appreciated.

Come to Jersey.

- Tim // Pellinore

christian said...

the garage show was fucking amazing

Anonymous said...

You guys should really come to Sweden when you release the new record. It would be the best.