March 23, 2009

Of Banana Slugs and Women

We are also playing a show in Santa Cruz now. It is on April 10. There are other bands like Ghostlimb and 7 Generations and Judas and Braveyoung (formerly known as Giant) playing. Here is a proper advertisement that some skillful gentleman made with a ram's skull on it:

My half-brother attended U.C. Santa Cruz. Which you can decode as you see fit. And in other Santa-Cruz-related events, maybe I should take a moment to talk about the last time we played there. I'm not sure the name of the place, but the boys from Fischer hooked up a house show and it was a lively and entertaining affair. I remember most a lady of nearly 30 exactly 23 years that kept rocking out front and center, her (rather bountiful) bosom plowing into me with reckless abandon. I made numerous and violent attempts to steer very clear of her heft to no avail. I bring this up only in relation to the idea of "Santa Cruz" and the images it conjures up in my head, and also to briefly allow us all a moment to reflect on howfor/whyso it is that such an instant stands out so vividly in my mind. Which is mostly because of how rare it is for a lady to be anywhere near our jam sesh's. I.e. never. Some wallflowers, a few claws at our backs, but that's it. I watched VH1 Classic Albums: Nirvana's "Nevermind" on Youtube the other day with Sven and at some point (4:17 of this clip) some prescient half-wit talks about how "everybody" knew Nirvana was going to make it big because girls would always dance (dance?!) at their early gigs. So then, clearly a high cleavage-to-performance ratio yields fame, fortune, and everything that goes. Endpoint being: our band is doomed. Save for the glory of this one punktress lady with her chest all hither and thither, ours is a rockstar life built on the backs of pubescing boys.

Alas, no heroin money for us.

Also, we are looking for (good) (visual) artists. This includes but is not limited to: drawers, painters, fabrics majors, photographers, and transcendent athletes. If you fall within that empire, gladly send us a communiqué via our e-mail ( and maybe we can "work together."

Hope you like the new feel of the website.
Thinking about moving to Mexico City.
In the meantime, I'll see you here very soon!



Anonymous said...

that woman you spoke of was no older than 23.

b said...

1. you don't even really like breasts.
2. you should ask your cousin for the art, or several of your cousins. You might be suprised.
3. I wasn't meaning me, I have ideas for sure, but I am not going to do an 16th c. woodcarvings or whatever, I meant Lis, or Nea-Nea.
4. fuck you! :)