March 25, 2009

Greek Seal Education

Everyone's favorite time of the year! The Canadian seal-hunt season has now been open two full days. For those of you who have had your omnivorous heads in the clouds for the past few decades, maybe thoughts of a cute baby seal getting clubbed on the ice will prove a useful image! Probably not! In other news, Greek government wants to both give police the power to arrest demonstrators for wearing masks and is considering an end on the ban of police entering university campuses. Good on ya Greece! Lastly, anyone have thoughts on Denis Rancourt? Dismissal will be heard by the University of Ottowa B of G in a week. Weak.

Be well,



Troy Kokkinis said...

first of all, more people need to get nude and paint themselves red in protest of this (like the spanish babes did in madrid).

second, greece will go nuts if the government tries to pull a stunt like that. since the popodopolous antics in 73, the kids will put an end to that immediately if any authorities step foot on the unis.

third, someone spell my name right on this thing. correct spelling is Kokkinis not Kokonis. im greek not hawaiian!


DANGERS said...

I only wear protest paint made of the finest seal oils.

Be well, Troy Coconuts!

- Tim

tracy, alex, & jordan said...

here's your show in Vegas, here's your flier:

tracy, alex, & jordan said...

guess that link doesn't work...