June 17, 2009

(very) Messy, Isn't It?

Bienvenidos al verano!

So we played a very fulfilling set at this year's Rainfest. A man named Josh Broome took this picture of what it looked like:

Thank you to all of our friendly friends up in the pacnorwest for helping us out. We know we have been touring on very old material so it was nice to still see so many of you still care about what we are doing. As has been promised numerous times, we are currently in the studio. Here is a quick little peek into what's been going on:

We are shooting for the record to be done in August and to come out officially in September. It will be 17 songs and about 35 minutes long and may or may not include a free shirt. We continue to look for new/awesome art, so send clever art-type things our way (wearedangers@gmail.com) if you think your fingers can hack it. We should also be doing some touring once the record is out and we stop boring everyone.

A quick note about current shirt/CD orders: all members of the DANGERS/Graf Orlock/Ghostlimb post office team will be out of the country from June 17 to July 17. Don't freak out if your order has not yet arrived. All orders were shipped today (June 17) for the past month. Sorry for the wait.

Will be listening to Archers of Loaf on the plane today.

Why didn't you kill yourself today?


Jon Vinson said...

Sounds great. I'm excited. Psyched to see Opposable popping up on it. You guys playing any more Cali shows soon? I'm not the only one who hopes so.

seensturm said...

17 songs? Nice. As Mr. Vinson says, more California shows. Especially Bay Area.

joel said...

is "Why didn't you kill yourself today?" referring to a comment made in the doco - 'religulous'?

Anonymous said...

its a serious question joel. everyone should have a reason to want to keep living life. if you don't have a reason, why keep living?

Jason Wexler said...

I'd love to hear some Miracle Miles covers at a show!!

Chris said...

Got my shirt today. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

soooo can i still order a shirt?

DANGERS said...

order away.
wait with patience.
love books.

Gillen Lee Riggs said...

does this shirt belong to you:

and how do i get one?

can wait for the new one, guys!

Anonymous said...

thanks man i didnt know if i had to wait before i ordered at shirt.

i'll be patient and finish reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X and then get back to reading The God Delusion

Gillen Lee Rigg my friend showed me this website and it has that shirt in a black longsleeve and a white t-shirt - http://hellfishfamily.com/hf/Products.aspx

i might order the equality t-shirt from http://hellfishfamily.com/hf/Products.aspx would i have to be patient about that one too even though its not being ordered from http://wearedangers.blogspot.com/?

Gillen Lee Riggs said...

thanks, anon. just ordered it & will wait however long i have to.

gonna get my nerdies on and read some lovecraft and fall asleep.

thanks again,

p.s. get over to the east coast, pronto.

DANGERS said...


anything ordered from hellfish won´t take so long. they are slaving away in a hot warehouse in orange county, ca making those shirts while i am splashing about the tepid waters of spain.

i win.


Ryan said...

one of my friends told me a bout you guys. fucking great. war? what war? was real good.

AlfieUK said...

I didnt kill myself today because I discovered you guys and you are pretty decent

Jason Wexler said...



can't fucking wait.

alex looks likes he's doing fine ;]