August 13, 2009

Saved By The Buoyancy of Citrus

Saved By The Buoyancy of Citrus

I'm in the red.
I've got the blues.
I'm token black, an early graying fool.

I need an orange.
I need a lime.
I need a last name that don't feel like such a crime.

I feel sixteen, or I feel sixty.
I feel nine to five.

So sick of rent checks, so sick of life-vests.
So sick of five foot nine.

Once was lost but now am drowned.

More to come very soon.
Peep those new shows on the right.
Also, this man has a point!



Anonymous said...

well i couldnt hear the song... but i like the lyrics especially this part: "I need a last name that don't feel like such a crime"

Jason Wexler said...

i have the video saved of the first live performance, fucking beautiful

Jon Vinson said...

YAY. RIP Mitch.

seensturm said...

Cant wait for the new cd. hope to see you guys in the bay area very soon.

Eric said...

bring those gorlock fuckers to the berkely show

Troy Kokkinis said...

id go to each of these shows but i have basque class on monday nights. we now have a recording. bravo.
kspc set soon?

alvin said...

Considering driving to each show.

...or you can take me with you and i'll photograph the entire trip!

I got way better.