December 5, 2009

Break Down The Walls

Hi. We are playing a house show tonight with our friends Graf Orlock and Lewd Acts tonight in Escondido, California. If our music doesn't interest you, perhaps the fact that we'll have some new crewneck sweatshirts for sale will. If that doesn't do it, Pokez is close and you eat like a king. See you tonight:

SAT DEC 5: San Diego, CA @ 883 Eden Pl, Escondido, CA 92026 w/ Lewd Acts, Graf Orlock, Hour of the Wolf

Ivory Coast FTW,


Jason Wexler said...

If only San Diego wasn't a 7 hour drive away

Tim said...

If only San Diego wasn't a 5 hour flight away

b said...

will the new sweatshirts be on vitriol's website eventually?

Anonymous said...


DANGERS said...

what is left of the sweatshirts will go online next week.


Anonymous said...

the show was amazing, thanks guys.
also, thanks for the info about the vinyl preorder and stuff.