December 6, 2009

Hyde Park Half redux

First off, go click on that crewneck sweathshirt to the right and buy it. Now, read on...

Thank you times one million to Lewd Acts for letting us torment ourselves down in your Escondido garage. It is a strange thing to be playing these new songs. Trying to figure out new material puts you right back to square one as a band and it's humbling and exciting and devastating each time. There was a car wreck up the street sometime after we played and in some ways it was like a ghost image of our set. We were ultimately gratified to have seen the sets of both Hot Skin and Hour of the Wolf, both bands whom fall under the "will actually listen to their CDs and not just play shows with them" category. After the show we ran into a person named Taylor that has continually supported our band. He asked some questions about the new record and here's what the answers were:

  1. "Yeah, Pirates Press has all the music and artwork now so we're just waiting on them."
  2. "Probably around January 10."
  3. "Black vinyl."
  4. "Or maybe two different colors - black and white, like me."
  5. "There should never be a line in front of a men's restroom."

In Hyde Park Half news, another meeting was had today and slow-but-steady progress is being made. If you haven't yet had a chance to check out a show there, please do so. Non-profit status is being secured and a full-scale tutoring/test prep/arts instruction center will be opening by summer. Please get involved! And, in the meantime, go to our show there:

What else would you like to know? That our van got towed at the request of the Buena Park Police Department? That we will be having band practice all day long this coming Saturday? That we are waist-deep in the planning stages of our Australian tour? That we will be doing some sweet shows in March starting in Los Angeles and going up to Vancouver? That we are stoked to all hell that so many of you hate the artwork that you haven't yet seen? That we like our song titles just fine, thank you very much?

Or would you rather know about a great new (to us) place to eat called Simply Wholesome? Or that you can see all of Vincent Van Gogh's annotated letters for free on the internet? Or that Clear Channel is installing new billboards along the western mouth of the 91, just so I can have more shit to look at as I drive to Justin's house? Or that I'm in week six of P90X? That we were ultimately (very) disappointed that Lawrence hit that field goal to beat Nebraska because we wanted Obama to have to settle the BCS debacle that would have ensued? That your hybrid ain't got shit on diesel? That Juan Carlos Gabe has a middle name that we were totally unaware of until today?

I watched Food, Inc. recently and regardless of whatever politico/brainwashy/propagandizing was obviously stitched into the celluloid of that film, I just could not understand the insanity that is seed patenting. Every member of DANGERS is vegetarian or vegan and we all have our own reasons for having made that choice. However, one might very well wish he was a robot so as to not eat anything at all.

Lastly, check out the new Graf Orlock website. Sniping can be fun.

It's shower season,


Tabak said...

if you guys dont play in portland, i just might kill myself. tuck that under your hat.

Matthew said...

Hey I was wondering if the Anger LP is out of print or if I could pick it up anywhere or at a show. Don't worry, I'm definitely getting Messy, Isn't it? when it drops haha

Anonymous said...

is that video on the graf orlock site's extras hosted somewhere else on the web?
it keeps stucking and stucking

DANGERS said...

"Anger" is only available on CD, although we may repress it very shortly. Keep your eyes open for that.

Don't know about that punishing video from the brothers Graf. I'll send them a query.


Eric said...

The video is only on the site for now.
The quality is in the video. Can't do much with it. What was the problem, it just stops playing?

alex lenkeit said...

Hey Justin, I sent you an email back (to Vitriol). Sorry I suck at responding.

Anonymous said...

Seed pantenting is whack! Fuck Monsanto.

There is a pretty interesting resistance that has sprung up in India related to the topic. eco-feminism.

Vandana Shiva came to speak at Pitzer the other month. She has had some sick run-ins with Monsanto. She rules!


calculator said...

simply wholesome is the hot new joint. its a must after every meeting.

Anonymous said...

it stops and then it starts again and after two seconds stops again
haven't yet managed to view it until the end

Alfie said...

Hey guys. I ordered the sweatshirt in size Medium. if i get another product in the wrong size our love affair is over! Make sure it doesnt happen boys much love

DANGERS said...


Justin manages the orders now and He is "part German," the modern day term given to a breed of nomadic heathen that prides itself on a) sinking it's teeth into those less physically fit and b) efficient eradication. Turns out they happen to be adroit at looking at clothing labels as well, and I would suspect that your (wonderful) sweatshirt will arrive problem-free. Should, however, agony arise due to our (repeated) dullardry, you are hereby granted one full-force noggin smash to any member of DANGERS or the greater VITRIOL FAMILY of your choice. Cheers.


Jon Vinson said...

Is there a girl singing in the background on parts of Bottom of the 9th Ward? It sounds sick.

DANGERS said...

Dear Jon Vinson:

Her name is Andrea.
You can hear more here:


Taylor said...

I ordered that crew neck. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

i got some pictures of you up

justin said...

you can expect me to mail whatever size i feel like mailing.

t.lpz said...

dear alfredo,

me dejas quedar me contigo unos dias con tres de mis amigos?

trc said...

ps. are you going to be present for the show on the 31st at hp 1/2?

Anonymous said...

dead t.lpz ,

de donde eres?

t.lpz said...

california pero ahorito estoy viviendo en las vegas!

Y tu, de donde eres?

send me an email!

Anonymous said...

te mande uno

tttrc said...

i didn't get anything, i sent you one!

Alfie said...

hey guys dont mean to hassle but its been about three weeks since i ordered the sweater just wondering if you sent it yet? peace

Anonymous said...

your music is too damn loud al. stick to coaching soccer

Danny A said...

my favorite part of p90x is when tony horton asks that girl what she's stirring and she replies, "german potato soup"
and Im edge so every time Tony says something like, "putting the X in p90x" or makes an X with his arms and says "bring it," it's really inspiring for me hahaha