October 12, 2008

East Coast Show

We did not play our last show yet.
In fact, we've got another lined up for the month of November.
Here is the info:

That's right! We are playing in Vermont. Our good friend Ryan (who plays in the band Unrestrained) asked us to come out for the show and we were very happy to oblige. The show benefits youths in the area. It's being put on by a nonprofit called Big Heavy World. So that we are completely transparent: we are being flown out for this show and playing for free. The chance of our trip being worth the carbon imprint on the Earth is slim to none. The challenge is for all of you to come out to prove us wrong.

There have been loads of you writing to ask us to come play your city/town/province/etc. Keep doing it! Some of you are even from the east coast. It's very nice to know you'd like to see us. For now, this Indiecon show is about as close as we are going to be able to come. Hopefully some of you will find it worth the trek. We can't promise to pay for your gas, but we can promise to make some merch or something that you can put on eBay and maybe that will work.

We are still writing the album.
It gets grimmer by the day.

We'll post some videos from the shows up north a few weeks ago.

For now, here are some photos you guys stole of our likenesses. If you want credit, start sending us some of the files, dawgs:

Today I read this which is by Deb Olin Unferth.

We do not run the myspace which operates under our moniker,


the_Network said...

will be there!

Anonymous said...

where did you find the pic with the fisheye lens?

. said...

Yes! It looks like I am driving up from Philadelphia.

Unknown said...

the one month i'm on the west coast, you're playing in vermont, which is totally close to connecticut.

please play california then in november.


Anonymous said...

Oi, from Burlington sick show tonight guys, worth a trip to Cali to see you.

Don't forget to come back when you can!

Anonymous said...

basically just dropping by to let you know europe loves you and needs you. come over whenever.

James Taylor said...

You guys should come to the UK

Anonymous said...

who does run that myspace then?

Anonymous said...

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